Barrier Coating


It is a special water based coating especially for MDF boards

This acrylic based primer is sealing the surface of the MDF- board and prevent the rising up
of fibres when they get in contact with the following water based coating

Particularly the milled areas of a MDF-board with lower density are completely closed, no fibres are rising up again
and the following coating system is not absorbed by the fibres any more

The characteristic of that products is a very high water and a very high water vapour resistance which enable a production for high claimed
high level bathroom and kitchen furniture which is solved with solvent based products at the moment

Also the high price of the different sanding stations during the coating process could reduce to a limit ( saving energy and production costs )

This product can be easily introduce in the standard production, no elementary changes in the line are necessary

Based on these product properties a reducing of the layer thickness and full filling the quality standards is possible


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